About Us

I have always had a passion for horses. I got my first horse in 2002, a Belgian mare named Katie. I only planned on ever getting one horse. Well one led to another and then another. We ended up with 3 Belgians and several Haflingers. We got into Haflingers in 2004 with our first mare, Mathilde DWF, who we still own. She is my riding and driving horse. We have taken riding lessons together and been to a few shows. We decided one year that we would like our Belgian to have a foal. Well after that we were hooked on the babies. I got more Haflingers and started getting into the breeding side of things. I have come to like the modern style of Haflinger and over a few years started getting a great group of mares and a stallion together. Please e-mail if you have an interest in any of our horses for sale or our stallion service at goldenfieldshorses@yahoo.com